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The MOCAK Library Regulations

The MOCAK Library Regulations

Library Regulations MOCAK, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow

I. Organisation

  1. MOCAK Library is the library maintained at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow. It also comprises the Reading Room and Mieczysław Porębski’s Library.

II. Using the MOCAK Library collection

  1. Readers have access to the Library collection on the premises and may borrow items to take them away.
  2. The use of the Library is free of charge. It requires prior registration in person and each reader needs to create a personal reader’s account.
  3. The reader can create a personal account with the librarian on duty after showing his identity document and filling in the application form. Each reader must sign the statement that he will abide by the Library Regulations and that he consents to the processing of his computer data in the online registration program.
  4. Employees of the Museum are entitled to borrow ten items for a period of up to two months. All other readers are entitled to borrow three items for up to two weeks.
  5. The reader will be issued an item on loan after correctly and legibly filling in and signing the Library Slip (a sample of which is provided in Enclosure No. 1 to the present Regulations).
  6. The items on loan must be returned on time or the reader must apply for an extension no later than on the day on which the items are due for return.
  7. The reader may extend the duration of the loan twice as long as the items in question have not been reserved and awaited
    by another reader prior to the extension being sought.
  8. Any reader who contravenes the Library Regulations will have his account blocked until he has rectified his obligations towards
    the Library.
  9. When necessary, the Library is entitled to demand the return of items on loan before the elapse of the duration of loan stipulated
    by the Library Regulations or else to specify an earlier than statutory time of return of the items on loan.
  10. It is prohibited to take Library items outside the MOCAK Library without previously informing Library staff and without it being put on record.
  11. The following items are not permitted to be taken off the Library premises: items signed CZ, pre-1950 publications, dictionaries, encyclopaedias and in particular any items of value.
  12. The reader must take good care of the items on loan. The Library Slip will describe the state of the item at the time of lending it
    to the reader.
  13. The loan of items to other libraries and academic bodies will take place on the basis of agreements specified in detail between
    the MOCAK Library and the institution in question.

III. Using the Reading Room

  1. The MOCAK Library provides free access to the collection in its Reading Room.
  2. In the Reading Room readers have access to computers and open WiFi.
  3. Readers may use computer stations solely for academic, fact-finding and educational purposes.
  4. Readers may not introduce any kind of alterations in computer configurations, conduct online searches or use any of their own material with pornographic or any other illegal content or content incompatible with the enjoyment of others.
  5. The Library's online Catalogue is available in the Reading Room.
  6. Readers must notify the librarian on duty when bringing their own materials into the Reading Room.

IV. Using Mieczysław Porębski’s Library

  1. Mieczysław Porębski’s Library occupies a discrete space within the Library. Access to the collection takes the form of academic research, facilitated by Library staff. Please ask the librarian on duty for help when seeking access to Mieczysław Porębski’s Library.
  2. Readers are not permitted to bring into Mieczysław Porębski’s Library any personal books or library material, outer clothing, bags, rucksacks etc.
  3. Readers must not take any items off the premises of Mieczysław Porębski’s Library without permission from the Library staff.
  4. Readers may use their own computer equipment in Mieczysław Porębski’s Library.

V. Keeping order

  1. All Library users shall:

- Refrain from bringing food or drink into the premises;
- Maintain silence;
- Take good care of the library materials entrusted to them as well as any equipment that is the property of the Museum
of Contemporary Art in Krakow;
- Leave their outer clothing, briefcases, bags, rucksacks etc in the appropriate place outside the Library.

2. The reader shall be financially liable for any damage caused to library materials or equipment entrusted to him. Readers must take good care of the materials to which they are given access and notify promptly any damage or items or elements missing.

3. Should the reader lose, damage or destroy an item, he will replace it with another with the same ISBN number or by the same author, with the same title and (for items without an ISBN number) with the same year of publication and if this should be impossible with another item as agreed with the Library Manager or will reimburse the Library to the amount of the value of the item and this amount shall not be less than the cost that the Library will incur in replacing the item. The provision specified in this subsection 3 also applies in relevant measure to any equipment in the library.

4. The Librarian may refuse to serve a customer who fails to abide by the Library Regulations and in particular anybody whose behaviour indicates prior consumption of alcohol or drugs or who is acting aggressively.