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The first-ever 'museum lesson' at MOCAK

The first-ever 'museum lesson' at MOCAK

On the 8th June 2011, the first-ever ‘museum lesson’ took place at MOCAK. 31 pupils from the VI LO No 1 Association of Schools in Rzeszow participated in the activities which had been prepared for them by Elżbieta Sala and Magdalena Mazik.

The participants were divided into eight groups. Each group was given the task of finding a work of art on the basis of a photograph which showed a part of it. Having completed the task, which proved not to be that easy, each group prepared a presentation of their work. All the participants of the lesson did very well indeed!

We would like to thank pupils from Rzeszow for the time shared.

We would also like to invite other pupils to take part in our ‘museum lessons’ at MOCAK!