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//The Audience and the Curator. How Does an Exhibition Come into Being?//

The Audience and the Curator. How Does an Exhibition Come into Being?

On the 16 December 2011, students of culture studies at the AGH University of Science and Technology visited MOCAK. The focus of the session was the work of a curator and exhibition co-ordinator. Monika Kozioł, the co-ordinator of the MOCAK Collection, hosted the meeting.

First, the participants brain-stormed the specific issues arising out of the work of a curator of exhibitions of contemporary art and tried to pin down what role the curator plays in the mediation of the communication between the work of art and the audience. Next, divided into groups, the students tackled tasks related to works from the MOCAK Collection. During the workshop, those present also had the opportunity to put themselves in the curator’s shoes and try to design an exhibition of selected items from the Collection.

As a follow-up, the participants were able to compare their ideas with the actual lay-out of the works in the Collection.

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