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MOCAK Collection in Vilnius!

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MOCAK Collection in Vilnius!

Published at:29.09.2020

During 2–4 October, the ArtVilnius’20 International Art Fair will take place in Vilnius. It is the largest event of its kind in the Baltic States. As in previous years, it is accompanied by a special exhibition programme, for which MOCAK has again been invited – for the fifth time – to prepare an exhibition based on its collections.

The exhibition The Artist Is Present will show photographs and videos in which the images of the artists themselves appear. Presented works focus on different models of femininity, the role of the woman in society, motherhood, family relationships and the issues of the traditional family model.

The MOCAK Collection currently comprises over 5,000 works. Its ambition is to instill in the audiences not professionally connected with art the realisation that it is an indispensable tool for understanding the world. The main objective of the Museum is to put the viewer on a friendly footing with art, and the Collection plays a major role in this. Since its very beginning, it has been part of MOCAK’s strategy to juxtapose Polish and world art in order to demonstrate that the former is part of the latter and that it supports its values. More >>