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//The Art of Perception//

The Art of Perception

On 3rd April 2014 the workshop titled The Art of Perception, inspired by Rune Eraker's Uprooted exhibition, took place. In order to commence a discussion on the line between documentary and art in photography the art students of the Pedagogical University of Cracow, the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow and University of Oxford familiarised themselves with the history and context of the Norwegian photographer's work. By analysing the relationship between the aesthetic and ethical value of Eraker's photographs they attempted to determine their political and cultural role. The participants argued about the authenticty of the depicted situations and the sincerity of the artist; they considered the implications of confining oneself to black-and-white photographs. The students considered the way in which the works were displayed as well: they tried to imagine how concealing the information about the time and place of taking the pictures would affect their perception.

The comparison of various styles in documentary photography represented in the works of Lodz Film School students complemented the workshops. The photographs presented in Re Gallery were a result of the Social Documentary Photography workshops run by Rune Eraker at MOCAK.

The Art of Perception workshops were an attempt to understand socially engaged photography as an activity operating on the border between art and journalism. By analysing Rune Eraker's works the students entered a broader discussion about the roles, borders and value of engaged art.