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//Terror in Our Culture: Meeting Peruvian Psychoanalysis//

Terror in Our Culture: Meeting Peruvian Psychoanalysis

25.02.2016 at 7.15 pm

Published at:09.02.2016

On Thursday, 25th February at 7.15 pm the Polish Psychoanalytical Society and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow MOCAK would like to invite you to a panel discussion titled Terror in Our Culture, which will be preceded by Eduardo Gastelumendi's lecture on psychoanalysis with difficult patients.

Gastelumendi is the president of the Peru Psychoanalytic Society. Other participants in the discussion will be Edyta Biernacka – a psychoanalyst, president of the Polish Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Society and Bartosz Puk, a psychoanalyst, training therapist and supervising therapist of PPPS.

Psychologists and psychotherapists, as well as all those interested in contemporary psychoanalytic thought are welcome. The event will be an opportunity to present the possibility of employing clinical experience in the reflection on the phenomena of contemporary culture.

The session will be held in English. The text of the Polish version of the lecture will be made available during the event and the discussion will be interpreted. The participation in the event is open. However, the organisers inform that the audiovisual hall can hold up to 120 people. Upon exceeding this limit, for reasons  of comfort and security the next participants will be asked to watch the direct transmission of the lecture and the discussion in the café.