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Sustainable design in industry and everyday life

Sustainable design in industry and everyday life

15.02.2013 at 18

Published at:11.02.2013

On 15 February at 6 pm you are invited to a discussion accompanying the exhibition Everything Forever Now: Polish and British Sustainable Design. The participants and invited guests will together reflect on the viability of introducing sustainable design into mass production and will consider the ways that it would function in Poland and in Britain.

Sustainable design is here to stay. The transformation of how a ‘quality product' is perceived and what its distinguishing characteristics are is happening in front of our eyes. Functionality, aesthetics or the materials and technology used are not everything, however. The key question is whether consumers and the market, with its very commercial rather than in-depth approach, are ready to alter their expectations.

Hosted by: Dominik Lisik (the quarterly 2+3D)
With invited guests: Henrietta Thompson (the British curaton), Tomek Budzyń (the quarterly 2+3D)

The discussion will be in English.
The event has been organised in collaboration with the British Council and the quarterly 2+3D.