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//Super Scarves//

Super Scarves

Winter weather is conducive to creative activity! – as those taking part on the 17 December 2011 in the workshop called Super Scarves discovered.

The kids started with a visit to the MOCAK Bookstore, where they found out what the workshop was all about – the eponymous Super Scarves! The colourful creations were draped to create Monika Drożyńska’s work Art by the Metre.

Next, the group went off to see the exhibition The Journey to the East and had a chance to tackle some amusing tasks, such as trying to fathom out how art could be measured, looking for works which would illustrate the weave of a material and then finished with an aerobic winter warm-up.

This was followed by a relaxing time in the MOCAK Café, where the youngsters decorated their scarves using a multitude of techniques and materials. The result was a multi-coloured snake, slithering through the MOCAK hallway.

See it for yourself at our Photo-Gallery and on Facebook!