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Slow Art Day 2014

Slow Art Day 2014

On Saturday, 26th April 2014 MOCAK hosted another edition of the global museum project Slow Art Day. The aim of the project is to encourage visitors to look at works of art slowly, that is a bit longer than for the average 8 seconds. Thus the vistors have a chance to work out what method of visiting the museum is best for them, to reflect on the content of a work of art and its story, which is not available at first glance.

The third edition of Slow Art Day focused on five works of art selected from the MOCAK Collection and the temporary exhibitions. Next to each work a volunteer awaited vistors and asked them questions designed to facilitate one's own creative interpretation. The visitors also had an opportunity to do a few practical tasks.

The following works of art were selected for this edition:
Marcin Maciejowski's Well, about this painting, it's quite interesting, Jadwiga Sawicka's All Swamped, All Ruined, Władysław Hasior's Banner of Ecstasy, Leszek Zając's untitled and Kazimierz Mikulski's Red Leaves.

To round off the event, the participants met in the MOCAK Café to share the experience. The discussion that followed concerned the condition of contemporary art and the boundaries to artist's creative freedom.