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Slow Art Day

Slow Art Day

Slow Art Day is the Polish edition of the international museum action Slow Art Day, based on the concept that it is possible to take it easy when visiting a museum or a gallery, focusing just on a few selected exhibits. The action aims to encourage art aficionados to work out their individual way of visiting a museum as well as to realise that each work has significance and a history of its own that can be discovered if we linger in front of it longer than the statistical eight seconds.

On 27 April 2013, the second edition of Slow Art Day took place at MOCAK. On the day, the visitors focused on five works pre-selected from the MOCAK Collection and from temporary exhibitions.These were: All Bullets Are One Bullet by Zofia Kulik, Interpretation V. 19 of Objects that You Should Be Familiar with by Hanna Łuczak, The Solar Sinter by Markus Kayser, Las husula extrans: Sketches on the History of the CCCP, 9th – 13th Centuries) by Zbigniew Makowski and Green Wall, Its Image, Its Illusion and Its Representation by Jarosław Kozłowski.

In accordance with the action plan,  a voluntary worker was stationed by each work; his role was to ask visitors questions that would help visitors to arrive at their own interpretation of the work. The visitors also had an opportunity to perform some hands-on tasks. On the white wall near the work by Jarosław Kozłowski, there appeared numerous coloured pieces of paper, covered in scribbles, and a drawing was produced, based on the covered objects by Hanna Łuczak.

After an hour’s tour, the participants in Slow Art Day met in the MOCAK Café to share their impressions and to transform creatively the reproductions of the book by Zbigniew Makowski.