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Session dedicated to the book //Kino epoki nowofalowej// (//The age of new wave cinema//) – the 3rd volume of //Historia kina// (//The history of cinema//)

Session dedicated to the book Kino epoki nowofalowej (The age of new wave cinema) – the 3rd volume of Historia kina (The history of cinema)

15.01.2016 at 6 pm

Published at:08.01.2016

On Friday, 15th January at 6 pm MOCAK, the Universitas Publishing House and the Institute of the Audio-Visual Arts at Jagiellonian University would like to invite you to a session dedicated to the book Kino epoki nowofalowej. Historia kina, tom 3 (The age of new wave cinema. The history of cinema, vol. 3). Tadeusz Lubelski, Iwona Sowińska and Rafał Syska, the editors of the book, will participate in the discussion. Chairman: Jerzy Armata.

The session will be held in Polish. Further information in Polish >>>