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MOCAK THE MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART IN KRAKOW (hereinafter referred to as ‘the Rules’)


  1. MOCAK the Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow, hereinafter referred to as ‘MOCAK’, is the organiser of the Summer Cinema, with each screening hereinafter referred to as “the Event”.
  2. The Event takes place on the day and times specified on www.mocak.pl.


  1. Viewers will be admitted to the Event by MOCAK service staff on showing a valid ticket for the Event, purchased in MOCAK ticket office or online.
  2. Tickets can be purchased at MOCAK directly before the Event or online –  www.mocak.pl/bookstore –  for two weeks prior until midday on the day of the Event.
  3. Viewers with tickets purchased online must show them when and where requested to do so by MOCAK service staff no later than 5 minutes before the screening.


  1. From the moment of entering the Event and throughout its duration viewers must at all times comply with the sanitary regime in force at the time and MOCAK service staff are authorised to ensure that they are complying with this requirement.


Throughout the duration of the Event, viewers must maintain a separation of 1.5 metres from other viewers.


  1. Throughout the Event, each visitor should remain in the seat allocated by MOCAK staff.
  2. During the Event, viewers may only leave their allocated seat in order to go to the toilet or in order to leave the Event before the end or in order to purchase food or drink.


Alcohol consumption, smoking – including vaping, e-cigarettes or similar –  and the use of illegal drugs of any sort are strictly forbidden on the Event site.


MOCAK has no liability for any damage to or loss of the property of viewers to the Event.


  1. This is an outdoor event, therefore inclement weather may impact the comfort of the viewers, which is beyond MOCAK’s control. Viewers are not entitled to reimbursement in the event of inclement weather.
  2. MOCAK reserves the right to postpone the Event until a later date in case of unfavourable weather conditions forecast (such as storms or strong wind) or for safety and security reasons. On such occasions tickets will not be refunded but will remain valid.


During the Event recording of the film which is being screened by the means of any recording and copying devices is prohibited.


  1. All viewers must follow without delay instructions from MOCAK staff. Any problems that arise during the Event must be brought to the immediate attention of staff.
  2. If instructed to evacuate the Event, all viewers should remain calm and leave the Event as instructed by staff.


MOCAK staff may refuse entry to the Event without stating reasons:

a) to persons acting aggressively;

b) to persons who appear not sober or under the influence of drugs;

c) to persons behaving in a manner likely to endanger the safety and security of people and property;

d) in order to ensure the safety and security of all persons present at the Event.


If instructed to do so by staff, anyone who has infringed these Rules must immediately leave the area of the Event.


MOCAK reserves the right to alter these Rules at any time and in particular if such a change is merited by concerns for the safety of those present at the Event. All changes will be made public and can be accessed online at: www.mocak.pl.