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//Roads to freedom// - mural painting

Roads to freedom - mural painting

The MOCAK summer goes on! On 21 August 2011 between 1 and 5 pm, another edition of the Roads to Freedom workshop took place. Seventeen participants, together with a mural painter Mikołaj Rejs, art historian Iwona Wojnarowicz and Elżbieta Sala, whose idea this was, spent time on creative alterations of the Zabłocie district.

During the first part of the workshop, the kids and young people got to know MOCAK’s mystery guests: the ‘Vinyls’. They drew designs for the clothes for the toys and together they painted each of them. After the artistic activities, the participants listened to Iwona Wojnarowicz’ talk on Polish and world street art.

After the first part of the workshop, the activities moved outside MOCAK. All those present, accompanied by Mikołaj Rejs, went to Kącik Street, where, on the wall of the former Wawel sweet factory, an unfinished mural, painted by the artist, awaited. It was time for everybody to get painting! First, the participants adorned paper kites using paint and brushes or spray. They were to be an integral part of the graffiti. Next, they stuck them onto the wall and attached them to the mural using string. Finally, they added to the mural made by Rejs any missing elements and painted the characters represented in the mural using paint and everyday objects.

With the permission of the owners of the building, it will be possible to view the mural for a whole year!

The workshop Roads to Freedom was part of the educational series Her/My/His/story organised in collaboration with the Consulate of the United States.

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