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//reCYCLING//, or lets together paint our bicycles in time for the start of the holidays!

reCYCLING, or lets together paint our bicycles in time for the start of the holidays!

The summer kicked off at MOCAK with reCYCLING, a large-scale social and artistic action, during which a few hundred of Cracovians engaged in creative repainting of their bikes. In holiday atmosphere, with background music, the participants occupied the Museum’s courtyard to design their own stencils, create original ornaments and spray their bikes, customising them in a personal and unique way.

The action reCYCLING was born out of MOCAK’s involvement in the issues of the city’s aesthetics and the the quality of life of its inhabitants. The project has taken into account green issues, physical exercise and the economic status of the participants. By creatively transforming our bicycles we have demonstrated that there is space in our everyday lives for creative, artistic activity.

What Is Art For? is one of MOCAK’s current programmes. We encourage various social groups to ponder the sense of art. The action reCYCLING poses the question: what can artists and institutions such as MOCAK contribute to our daily lives?

The action reCYCLING accompanies the international exhibition Sport in Art, which you will be able to view at MOCAK until the end of September 2012. On Satuday 30 June, cyclists will have free entry to the exhibition and to a multimedia presentation about bicycles in culture, by Iwona Wojnarowicz.

The event is continued in virtual space with the project CYCLING Art, in which we invite artists to send in photos of themselves on their bikes. That simple idea aims to de-mythologise the image of artists. We want to draw attention not only to their work, but also to how they live.

Artists interested in taking part in this action should send photos to: sala@mocak.pl.
Please provide each photo with the following info.:
1. First name and surname of the artist
2. A one-sentence comment (optional)
3. First name and surname of the author of the photograph.

Any artist who sends in his photograph will thereby accept to have it published on the MOCAK web page and on Facebook. The task allows for alternative interpretions. The team working on this project will select the photos for publication.

Please visit the photos in our Gallery and on Facebook page!

The project cocept: Elżbieta Sala

Co-ordination: Ewelina Czechowicz, Maria Hawranek, Katarzyna Pielacha, Maria Wegenke