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Promotion of the book A Milliard Things around: Agata Szydłowska Talks to Polish Graphic Designers

11.04.2013 at 18

Published at:26.03.2013

Welcome to the promotion launch of the book A Milliard Things around published by Karakter. The publication contains 12 interviews with prominent Polish graphic designers. Grzegorz Laszuk, Aleksandra and Daniel Mizieliński, Edgar Bąk, Kuba Sowiński and others talk about how to produce good designs for books, posters and web pages, why it makes sense not to eat just pastries, whether it is a must to be an art graduate to be a designer and whether anybody could become one.

The launch will take place on the day of the publication of the book, with the participation of Przemek Dębowski from the publishers Karakter and Agata Szydłowska and Jacek Mrowczyk from the quarterly 2+3D.

One of the interviews will be published in the next issue of MOCAK Forum.