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Project //In the Direction of Art: Discover the Other Side!//

Project In the Direction of Art: Discover the Other Side!

9 May 2013 was the day of the third visit of pupils from the Special Schools Complex no. 2 in Krakow, an institution for children and teenagers with chronic diseases, including mental disorders, treated at the Saint Louis Provincial Specialist Children’s Hospital and the University Hospital in Krakow. We had met before during the Unique Team and Colourful Emotions projects.

At the workshop, participants explored selected works from the MOCAK Collection, went on a tour of a part of the Wandering Library exhibition, guided by its curator, Magdalena Mazik, and learnt about Mieczysław Porębski’s Library.

In the last section of the workshop, children and teenagers created art books to express a different aspect of their personality or the surrounding world than the one that meets the eye.

The project resulted in many highly interesting works, quite often full of a sense of humour despite the personal tragedies that sometimes happen.