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//Politics in Art//

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Politics in Art

Politics in Art is the 10th exhibition in the flagship MOCAK series, in which we combine art with the most important civilisational concepts. Each exhibition presents a variety of artistic interpretations of a given theme. Politics in Art has been confronted with a tragic time when political ambitions have turned into a crime.

The catalogue of the exhibition presenting MOCAK’s most important series comprises reproductions and descriptions of works by almost 70 artists, as well as texts by Jan Woleński, Janusz Palikot, Paweł Kowal, Marcin Matczak, Aliaxeya Talstou and Maria Anna Potocka, who look at the relationship between politics and art from different perspectives.

Language: Polish, English
Managing editors: Maria Anna Potocka, Agnieszka Sachar, Martyna Sobczyk
Texts: Paweł Kowal, Marcin Matczak, Janusz Palikot, Maria Anna Potocka, Alaksiej Talstou | Aliaxey Talstou, Jan Woleński
Works descriptions and artists’ biographical notes: Dawid Adrjanczyk, Mirosława Bałazy, Monika Kozioł, Agnieszka Sachar, Martyna Sobczyk
Translation: Anda MacBride, Magda Witkowska
Editors: Anna Mirkowska, Mariusz Sobczyński
English proofreading: Patricia Chetwyn Design,
DTP: Rafał Sosin
Reviews: prof. dr hab. Janusz Majcherek, dr Paweł Sękowski
No. of pages: 296
ISBN: 978-83-65851-55-0
Year of publication: 2022

The catalogue has been published to accompany the exhibition: Politics in Art
Curators: Maria Anna Potocka, Agnieszka Sachar, Martyna Sobczyk
Co-ordinator: Mirosława Bałazy
MOCAK Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow

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