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//Polish Tanztheater?//

Polish Tanztheater?

09.10.2011 at 12.00

Published at:03.10.2011

Polish Tanztheater?
A discussion panel about the Polish professional dance scene
Sunday 9 October 2011 at noon

The increasingly popular in Poland phenomenon of ‘dance theatre’ is quite different from the German Tanztheater. A new generation of dancers and choreographers has appeared in Poland, for whom the German approach to dancing is not a fundamental point of reference.

In the discussion about what is such a lodestar, how the thinking about dance changes and how this impacts choreographic praxis Anna Królica, Rafał Dziemidok and Wojtek Ziemilski took part The discussion was led by Witold Mrozek (the Music and Dance Institute).

The panel was organised as part of the festival Krakow Theatre Reminiscences.