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Our strategy

Project Podgórze

1. The residents of Zabłocie, a part of Kraków’s Podgórze district, will be the target audience of particular educational activities. The Museum will endeavour to secure the goodwill of the local community and set out to ensure that this postindustrial area, which is included in the plan to revitalise the City of Kraków, becomes a contemporary-art friendly zone.

2. The innovative project aims to redefine the local identity so as to ensure that the existence and the activities of MOCAK become firmly a part of this new identity.

3. The Museum intends to prevent gentrification of Zabłocie and to contribute to the integration of the area’s past and present, a present on which contemporary art has made a mark.

Publishing Activity and Education of Education

1. The Museum will strive to raise the quality of cultural education in Poland.

2. The internet will be an important area of the Museum’s activities. MOCAK intends to run a website devoted to education about contemporary art. Apart from the documentation of the projects which have been undertaken, there will be articles, interviews with artists, multimedia presentations of current exhibitions, teaching materials and excerpts from MOCAK’s publications.

3. Virtual space will be one of the areas where the debate about the place of contemporary art in Poland will be raised and where the concept of a society open to art will be promoted. For the activities undertaken by the Museum, the voices of the artists themselves will play a key part.

Museum Without Frontiers

1. MOCAK’s educational projects will be carried out both on the premises of the institution and in nurseries, schools and urban space.

2. The Internet will be an important area for the Museum’s activities. MOCAK will maintain an educational web site devoted to contemporary art. Apart from the documentation of the projects carried out, it will feature articles, interviews with artists, multimedia presentations concerning current exhibitions, materials for educators and excerpts from MOCAK publications.

3. Cyberspace will be one of the venues for the initiation of the debate on the situation of contemporary art in Poland and promotion of a society open to art. The voice of artists themselves will have a key place in the Museum’s activities.

The Local is the Global

1. To turn into reality a vision of culture whose participants will acknowledge contemporary art as an important source of meaning, inspiration and associations requires multilateral cooperation. The Museum intends to support the structures and initiatives already in existence and to cooperate with institutions, organisations and foundations of a similar profile.

2. MOCAK plans on becoming a coordinator and an animating force of local activities. It will set out to integrate the numerous diverse Kraków communities as part of its building and transformation of contemporary art audiences in Poland.

Strategic Aims

1. The starting point for deciding on the principles adopted by the Museum was not the question ‘What education?’ but ‘What culture?’ It is a strategic aim of MOCAK to change the status of contemporary visual art in Poland so as to enable it to acquire the rank of an important voice in the key public debates; one which cannot be ignored. In order to achieve this aim, MOCAK intends to initiate and support activities which will lead to the creation of new art audiences.

2. The educational activities of the Museum will popularise the idea of a society open to art, will aim to trigger a debate about the social standing of artists and encourage the collection of the works of young artists.


Elżbieta Sala
Manager of education department


Education is not an island, but a part of a cultural continent.

Jerome Bruner, Culture of Education

The Specifics of the Educational Activities

1. MOCAK intends to facilitate for the spectators active encounters both with contemporary art and with its creators, as well as with collectors, commentators and with those responsible for art documentation or exhibitions.

2. The educational projects of the Museum will be carried out in cooperation with artists, local communities, critics, curators, exhibition coordinators, and students and pupils. They will aim to enable the participants to share experiences and to acquire the tools indispensable for a multidimensional exploration of the word of art.

3. The target audiences will be members of a full gamut of age groups (nursery school, primary school, lycée and secondary school, students, adults, middle age group and the retired) as well as social groups (the disabled, those involved in education, secondary school teachers and university lecturers, the residents of small towns and members of various groups discriminated against).

4. MOCAK will tailor its activities to the needs and expectations of particular groups, but also carry out projects directed at various age groups and various social groups.