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//Narratives, Aesthetics, Geographies: Fluxus in Three Acts//

Narratives, Aesthetics, Geographies: Fluxus in Three Acts

Published at:02.09.2014

Wydawnictwo Krytyki Politycznej in collaboration with MOCAK has published Narratives, Aesthetics, Geographies: Fluxus in Three Acts by Grupa ETC.

‘Outsiders in the world of art, music and literature: eccentrics, experimenters, emigrants, agent provocateurs, unfulfilled (?) revolutionaries, inventors. Musicians without any notes, film makers without a camera, painters without a canvas. At the end of the 1950s and beginning of the 60s, they threw a gauntlet to the dominant aesthetics of the time: they blurred the existing demarcation lines between artistic genres, they created new means of artistic expression (happenings, performances, events, installations). One of the manifestations these radical trends was the emergence of the network of artists, quite an international bunch, which George Maciunas (a Lithuanian communist working for the USA army stationed in West Germany) named ‘Fluxus’. The story of Fluxus of the story of the dreams of the 1960s.’ From the book blurb

Grupa ETC – a research and art group, founded in 2009. Deals with the neo-avant-garde tradition, experimental music and intermedia art. The membership of the group is fluid and changes, depending on the particular project.

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Narracje, estetyki, geografie: Fluxus w trzech aktach

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