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Museum Lessons

Schools, nurseries and other educational institutions are invited to take up our offer of museum lessons at MOCAK. We propose activities on a variety of topics, tailor-made for the age group of the participants. During the session the young art aficionados will not only view exhibitions and gain new knowledge but also put it to creative use during the workshop. The lessons develop children’s independent thinking and stimulate creativity. An active participation in the activities means that the acquisition of knowledge is fun and the children will be looking forward to coming back on another visit to the Museum.

Museum Lessons

The Joy of Drawing!

Wiek uczestników: 5–8

The participants will get to know the work of Shinji Ogawa and use the knowledge as the basis of working together on an artwork.


The Mysteries of Matter

Wiek uczestników: 6–10

The participants will get to know the work of Guido Casaretto and discover the surprising techniques that the artist uses.


First steps at MOCAK

Wiek uczestników: 3–5

During the activities children will visit the building and space of MOCAK and find out what makes the work of the Museum special.


Little Collectors

Wiek uczestników: 6–12

A creative, active visit to the Museum combined with seeking the answer to the question: What is a collection of contemporary art? During the session the children will be performing tasks related to the objects in the Collection. 


In the Labyrinth of Words

Wiek uczestników: 13–15

During the session the participants will view the MOCAK Collection and on the basis of selected works will examine the relationship between a word and its graphic representation.


The Art of Interpretation

Wiek uczestników: 16–18

The lesson will help the participants get to grips with the principles of description and formal analysis of works of art, and in particular contemporary art.