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MOCAK nominated for Mies van der Rohe Award 2013

Published at:10.01.2013

The Union of Polish Architects and five experts invited by the Mies van der Rohe Foundation entered 15 Polish projects in this year’s edition of the most important architecture award in Europe. MOCAK is one of the buildings nominated.

The Mies van der Rohe Award is granted jointly by the European Union and the Barcelona-based Mies van der Rohe Foundation, established in 1983 to promote modern architecture.  Founded in 1987 and extended every two years since 1988, the award promotes quality in architecture but also encourages technological and aesthetic innovativeness and distinguishes constructions that contribute something fresh to European culture and improve the quality of life, as the competition rules provide.

The procedure consists of four stages. First, award nominations are announced (at this point, the list includes several hundred buildings from entire Europe, in 2011 it had slightly less than 300 positions); then the jury ‘short lists’ several dozen buildings, from which it chooses three to five finalists. The main prize is awarded to one of them.

Nominations may be submitted by sector organisations from each European country and their architects (in Poland this includes the Chamber of Architects of the Republic of Poland and the Union of Polish Architects, as well as designers: Andrzej Duda, Robert Konieczny, Maciej Miłobędzki, Robert Rutkowski, Grzegorz Stiasny); award-winners are selected by a jury composed of the most renowned experts. This year, the jury for the first time includes a member from Poland, Ewa Porębska, editor-in-chief of the ‘Achitektura-Murator’ monthly.

The winners of the 2013 Mies van der Rohe Award will be announced in the spring, but the nominations were presented already at the beginning of January. Poland will be represented in this prestigious competitions by fifteen buildings (two years ago there were twelve, in 2009 eight). The group of nominees includes public utility structures, residential, commercial, infrastructural buildings as well as revitalisations and modernisations.

The competing buildings include, among others, MOCAK – Museum of Contemporary Art opened recently in Krakow on the site of Oskar Schindler’s former factory (design by Claudio Nardi Architects and Leonardo Maria Proli Claudio) and the Home Army Museum in the Krakow Fortress (AIR Jurkowscy Architekci). Yet another competitor, perhaps surprising to some, is the restoration of the 1970s modernist Central Railway Station in Warsaw (design by Towarzystwo Projektowe).