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MOCAK in plein air: //Amidst Flowers: Art and Music//

MOCAK in plein air: Amidst Flowers: Art and Music


Published at:21.07.2020

Lanckorona, Festiwal Terra Artis, 20 July 2020

During the Terra Artis Festival in Lanckorona we invite you to the workshop inspired by the art of the Japanese artist Akira Inumaru and the visual music scores of artists from the MOCAK Collection.

The activities Amidst Flowers: Art and Music will take place as three open-air sessions. During the first one, the participants will join a moderated walk through the woods, enriched by close observation of nature with an emphasis on mindfulness techniques. In the second session, the members of the group will become acquainted with the art of Akira Inumaru and selected visual music scores from the MOCAK Collection. In the third part of the workshop, the participants will have an opportunity to create their own music scores using some of the techniques employed by the artist. More info in Polish >>