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Mikołaj Smoczyński //Past Tense//

Mikołaj Smoczyński Past Tense

The publication titled Past Tense consists of two parts:
Commentaries on the works created from 1980 to 1999 (author's abstract) and Collection – a photobook. Both volumes are part of Mikołaj Smoczyński's legacy bequeathed to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow by his heirs.

The publication is thoroughly authorial, prepared and arranged by the artist himself. Initially, both volumes were meant to strictly complement each other. In the final version, however, the artist has abandoned the idea of complete concurrence and thus both parts remain largely independent, though mutually complementary narratives.

The first volume (in its Polish and English versions) comprises a unique authorial text addressing the theoretical, ideological and technical aspects of Smoczyński's art. The second volume comprises creative photographs taken by the artist to document his artistc activities. The book offers excellent insight into that part of the artist's work which was set up in specific exhibition spaces for the time of the exhibition and has been preserved exclusively in the form of photographic documentation.

Mikołaj Smoczyński (1955-2009) – after his graduation from Maria Curie-Skłodowska University lived and worked in Lublin. He was the author of site-specific installations and monochrome photographs, which often constitute a creative record of his activities in gallery spaces. It is hard to discern between typically sculptural activities and experimental photography in his work. His works were displayed in several dozen solo exhibitions, e.g. in San Diego (San Diego State University Art Gallery), Lyon (E.L.A.C), New York (Art in General Gallery, International Studio Program), Berlin (ifa Galerie). He was the winner of numerous prizes, including the European Photography Award in 1992, as well as art scholarships such as Quint Kirchman Projects (San Diego, 1991), Fondation d’Art de la Napoule, Memorial Henry Clews (La Napoule, 1993) or International Program Studio (New York, 2001). Mikołaj Smoczyński's works are currently in the collections of major cultural institutions in Poland and in many collections abroad.

Mikołaj Smoczyński
Past Tense
vol. 1: Commentaries on the works created from 1980 to 1999 (author's abstract)
editor: Maria Anna Potocka
graphic design, DTP: Rafał Sosin
number of pages: 148
format: 210 x 270 mm
ISBN 978-83-62435-21-0

Mikołaj Smoczyński
Czas przeszły / Past Tense
vol. 2: Zbiór / Collection

editor: Maria Anna Potocka
translation: William Brand
graphic design, DTP: Rafał Sosin
number of pages: 360
format: 210 x 270 mm
ISBN 978-83-62435-93-7
publication date: 2013

Volume One has two separate editions in Polish and English, while Volume Two is bilingual: Polish-English.

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