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Maria Michałowska

(b. 1925)

Drawing, painting, photography, object. Numbered among the first exponents of conceptual art in Poland. Her works document vestiges of reality in which the phenomena of time and space are intensified. She accomplishes this through, among other things, multiple outlines of her own face or hands. By introducing the element of her own existence, she softens the coldness of the rational reflex. In her actions she also explores the problem of art, calling its autonomy into doubt.

Maria Michałowska, 7 Diary Pages, 1972

7 Diary Pages

Technique: mixed media / paper
Measurement: 84 × 59,5 cm each
Date: 1972
Maria Michałowska, Multiplications, 1974


Technique: gouache, ink / cardboard
Measurement: 90 × 61
Date: 1974
Maria Michałowska, Traces 2x10, 1972

Traces 2x10

Technique: ink, letraset / cardboard
Measurement: 98 × 69 cm
Date: 1972
Maria Michałowska, Traces: xy'x, 1971

Traces: xy'x

Technique: collage
Measurement: 98 × 69
Date: 1971