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Letters to the Artist/ Piotr Lutyński

On 27 September 2013, the second workshop took place organised in co-operation with the Ward for the Treatment of Personality Disorders and Neuroses at the J. Babiński Krakow Specialist Hospital. During the workshop, we visited Piotr Lutyński’s exibition Territory, as well as viewing other works by the artist which are part of The MOCAK Collection. The participants could board the bus in which the artist had travelled round Europe. The occasion also provided a unique opportunity to talk to Piotr Lutyński about his work. Following the very interesting encounter and the occasion to become acquainted with Lutyński’s work, the participants wrote letters to him, in which they commented on his works and recorded their impressions of their conversation with the artist. The letters were passed on to Piotr Lutyński and the next leg of the project is planned to involve his written responses to the letters.