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//Kraków – Katowice// (continued)

Kraków – Katowice (continued)

As the second leg of the project Kraków – Katowice, a group of students and educators from Katowice paid a studio visit to MOCAK. Elżbieta Sala opened the meeting by providing feedback on the workshop devoted to making an art book, which took place at the Education Centre of the Silesian Library.

Next, the group found out about the working methods of the MOCAK Education Department by taking an active part in the guided tour and art workshop conducted by Maria Prawelska, based on the exhibition Economics in Art. The outcome of the workshop were works that presented a shrewd commentary on the art market and economics.

The visitors from Katowice also toured other exhibitions presented at MOCAK. During their visit to the exhibition Territory, they had the opportunity to meet the artist Piotr Lutyński.

Finally, Jolanta Rydel gave the guests a guided tour of the Mieczysław Porębski Library, where they examined with special interest an art book by Zbigniew Makowski.