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//Kraków – Katowice//

Kraków – Katowice

On 21 June 2013, Magdalena Mazik and Elżbieta Sala conducted a workshop for secondary school pupils at the Education Centre of the Silesian Library. Those present were participants in the Youth Academy, organised by the institution. The hands-on session was preceded by a presentation on the activities of the MOCAK Library and the educational projects it carries out in conjunction with the Museum’s Education Department. The topics of the educational activities were related to the projects in which art books were created. The workshop resulted in the work Kraków – Katowice. The participants debated the future benefits of a closer co-operation between the residents of both cities. Something that would assist mutual integration would be a fast railway link between the cities. The works contributed by those who took part in the project have been combined to make an art book, which presents the ideas that will enhance the mutual benefits.

Concept: Magdalena Mazik, Elżbieta Sala

Book authors: Aleksandra Bąk, Paulina Broda, Jakub Ciosiński, Aleksandra Daraż, Anna Głuch, Klaudia Klim, Ewa Kokot, Miriam Kołak, Dominik Kowal, Magdalena Mazik, Marta Olejniczak, Magdalena Podkidacz, Radosław Pujanek, Katarzyna Romaniuk, Elżbieta Sala