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Krakow Book Fair

On 7–9 June 2013 MOCAK participated in the Children’s Book Fair in Krakow. During three days, visitors were invited to explore the MOCAK Collection and the Economics in Art exhibition through creative tasks.

Visitors at MOCAK’s booth could find a large-scale board game, in which they answered questions on art and economics. The aim of the project was to familiarise children and teenagers with contemporary art and economic concepts.

MOCAK’s booth also held workshops. The first one, Doodles and Designs, supervised by Karolina Wojtasik, resulted in a book entitled Economics in Children’s Art, inspired by works from the exhibition. Participants of the Creative Collection workshop explored works from the MOCAK Collection, including Rafał Bujnowski’s and Pola Dwurnik’s pieces, and performed creative tasks involving the works.