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Julian Opie

(b. 1958)
Sculpture, animation, painting, installationin public space. Human body, often shownin motion, has an important place in his art. He portrays friends, but also anonymouspassers-by. Minimalist representations offigures are usually constructed by fillinga black outline with colour. He combinesthe aesthetics of the billboard with that ofJapanese woodcuttings. He is also interestedin landscape, from which he removes details, focusing on its essence. When employingthis motif in his works, he tends to enhancethe impact by the addition of sound.

Julian Opie, //Elena.//, 2014


Technique: computer animation / TV screen
Measurement: 158 × 92 × 7,7 cm
Date: 2014
Julian Opie, //Lorenzo with Hand on Chest//, 2008

Lorenzo with Hand on Chest

Technique: computer animation / TV screen
Measurement: 126 × 75 × 7,5 cm
Date: 2008