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Innovative app for visitors

Innovative app for visitors

Published at:19.05.2014

The Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow has prepared a mobile app designed to help visitors plan their visit to the Museum and serve as a guide around the exhibitions. The first show you can come to know in this way is Crime in Art.

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The app features all the works presented in the exhibition as well as additional information and pictures of several dozen of them. An interactive map will facilitate moving around the Museum.
The navigation is possible thanks to QR codes and innovative HG Beacon device, so that a user approaching a given work receives notification and additional information about it. (The devices communicate with smartphones equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 and Android system 4.3 or higher).

Thanks to the app you can learn about the most recent exhibitions and events, admissions,opening  hours as well as get other useful information.

The application is available in Polish and English and it is compatible with Android and iOS systems.

The Synerise Platform and HG Beacon devices, on which the app is based, have been developed by HG Intelligence S.A.