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Information for visitors with disabilities

Information for visitors with disabilities

The building of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow is fully compliant with the requirements of the disabled, particularly those with mobility impairment.

From the design stage, the following requirements have been taken into account:

  • Level thresholds;
  • Wide doors which allow for easy wheelchair access;
  • Two lavatories fully compliant with the requirements of the disabled. One is situated at exhibition Level 0 (Men); the other – for both Men and Women – in the proximity of the MOCAK Café and Bookstore;
  • Llifts enable access to the bottom exhibition level (Level -1) and the administrative part of the Museum;
  • A ramp at Level -1 leads to the only exhibition hall in MOCAK situated on the lower level, known as the tank hall.


Every Wednesday from 4 pm to 7 pm, HUSH TIME will be observed at MOCAK: a quiet time, when no exhibitions, guided tours or workshops will take place in the exhibition rooms, and any works that emit loud noise or are strongly lit will be turned down or off.

During this time we ask Visitors to turn off the ringtone on their mobile phones as well as the sound of other electronic devices, to communicate by whispering and to refrain from any noise-generating activity out of respect for the quiet enjoyment of the space by all Visitors.

The steps which we have taken to make MOCAK compatible with the needs of the disabled have been appreciated by the organisations which have awarded us honourable mentions.