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//Greetings from MOCAK!//

Greetings from MOCAK!

What’s the best way to finish off the summer holidays? To sign up for a MOCAK workshop! That is exactly what the kids from the U Siemachy Association did and so, on the 30th August 2011, they found themselves taking part in activites entitled Greetings from MOCAK.

To start with, our visitors looked at the exhibits presented and had a tour of the Museum. Then, with the end of the summer looming, they went on to design postcards with holiday greetings.

As a result, lovely cards were created – with the help of numerous techniques and materials, such as crayons, felt tips, cut-outs, ribbons, and even origami – which will surely encourage more young art aficiondados to visit MOCAK. Each postcard showed whatever its author was most impressed with during their visit to MOCAK. As a result, cards were produced which had been inspired by the architecture of the MOCAK building and by Hubert Czerepok’s work Haunebu and Bartek Materka’s Masa II. The youngsters themselves chose the addressees of their postcards – those that they would like to invite to MOCAK so as to share their impressions of what they have seen there.

Do have a look at our photo gallery and see for yourself the results of the participants’ efforts, also on Facebook!