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Géza Perneczky

Géza Perneczky (b. 1936). Post art, photography, painting, theory andhistory of art. Educated as a musician andhistorian, he was an art critic and publisherof literature, press and TV programmes onHungarian art. A member of a communityof senders and receivers of post art, a trenddrawing on conceptualism, in which works ofart are made to appear to be postcards andletters. The network linked artists all over theworld and could be said to be a predecessorof the Internet. The creator of a series includingYes–No and Soft Geometry.

Géza Perneczky, from the series //Concepts like commentary//, 1972, photography © Géza Perneczky

from the series Concepts like commentary

Technique: photograph
Measurement: 30,5 × 40,5 cm /x3/
Date: 1972
d166147d03.jpg - 10820

Modulate Person

Technique: photograph
Measurement: 37 × 27 cm (each)
Date: 1973