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//(Get a) Move (on)//

(Get a) Move (on)

On the 10 July 2012 as part of Summer at  MOCAK! the workshop (Get a) Move (on) took place, during which children became familiar with the various methods of presenting sports disciplines and physical exertion in the work of contemporary artists shown at the exhibition Sport in Art.

The session started with the participants drawing self-portraits which they then swapped so that everyone would get someone else’s portrait. Next, after the works of Justyna Koeke Showing Muscles and Zbigniew Libera’s Body Master, the portraits were turned into images of bodybuilders.

The viewing of the Sport in Art exhibition was interactive. The children performed movement activities such as attempting to reproduce the movements of the people photographed by Beate Streuli in his work The Great North Run.                                                                                                      

Finally, in the audivisual hall, the participants watched reproductions of selected works from the MOCAK Collection and matched them to a musical piece which, in their opinion, best expressed the character of the work. Their last task was to interpret the work through movement.

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