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//Freedom on the Net// – Maria Peszek

Freedom on the Net – Maria Peszek

Maria Peszek (b. 1973) – singer, actress, text writer, performer. Since 2005, she has concentrated mostly on music, designing the theme for her LPs, writing texts, co-authoring the music, co-producing the sound and giving concerts. After Miasto mania (2005) and maria Awaria (2008), in October 2012 she has published her third album, Jezus Maria Peszek. The album talks about religion, Polishness, traditional social roles and has sparked a lot of controversy in Poland, causing extreme reactions.

A while ago, the team from Huncwot[1] and I created and launched a web-based action RÓBMY KLIP [Let’s Make a Video]. For several weeks, my fans and anti-fans could express their views on www.ludziepsy.pl by writing or drawing images on randomly selected pictures of my face. We collected a total of over 30 thousand frames, some beautiful, some funny, some terrifying. We put the video together, preserving the proportions of the emotions expressed. And that’s how we made the fan/anti-fan video. ‘MOCAK Forum’ presents a piece of freedom in 140 frames.

[1] Huncwot is a Warsaw-based creative agency, specialising in interactive design and video production. www.huncwot.com