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//Flying Childrens Day!//

Flying Childrens Day!

From 1 – 3 June 2012 a special Children’s Book Workshop took place, which gave children the opportunity to produce artistic books, using various materials, as well as to perform a variety of tasks linked to contemporary art and the MOCAK Collection.

One of the tasks was to design colourful letters, which the children then cut out and placed on the sheets of a specially prepared two-metre installation, shaped as a book. The workshop was inspired by the creative work of Stanisław Dróżdż (http://mocak.pl/kolekcje/pokaz/90). One could put oneself in between the letters of the big book, just it is possible to do in the artist’s work In-Between.

Another task was to create an illustration for a unique book, explaining what art can represent. There was no shortage of ideas!

What is art?

Art is… a colourful mixture, artistic disorder in my room; it’s art when someone is painting with both hands! The collectively produced book is related to Agnieszka Piksa’s comic Art Is…

At the workshop, the children also had an opportunity to see the artistic books made by children and artists during the project Return of the Book at MOCAK.

The workshop was part of the 2nd Children’s Book Fair in Krakw.

Check out the photos in our Gallery!