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//Embroider yourself!//

Embroider yourself!

On 1st October 2011, MOCAK hosted Monika Drożyńska's project Embroider yourself! The participants had an opportunity to embroider words expressing difficult emotions on textile and felt, prepared by the artist especially. In this way, they all became collaborators on the artist's project. Its crowning glory will be a huge tapestry entirely covered in embroidery so as to render the aggressive or hurtful words embroidered on it almost illegible.

Such unconventional embroidery, or perhaps also the desire to experiment with expressing emotions, had attracted men and women, kids and senior citizens. The artist helped those unfamiliar with handicrafts and participants also helped one another. The artist gave those who took part souvenirs: postcards with a selection of her own works.

You can find more info about the artist, about  Embroider yourself! and about her other projects here: