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Do You Want to Get to Know Me?

On the 14 June 2013, the first leg of the project Leaflets took place. This is a social art project carried out by students of higher art schools with the support of both the Art Department of the Pedagogical University and MOCAK the Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow.

As part of the event HAPPY CITY. The Pedagogical University in Krowodrza. Art and Education in the process of revitalisation of public space and relations. The Krowodrza School of Activities, 13 female students and graduates of the PU produced a work in the staircase of one of the residential blocks at Mazowiecka Street.

In front of the entrance to the building, the project participants chalked up the inscription, Do You Want to Get to Know Me?and inside the stairway, they placed texts addressed to the residents. These, often humorous, statements were a commentary on the semi-private space in which the young artists found themselves and a call to focus on interpersonal, human relationships.

Authors: Magdalena Nowak, Dagmara Kędzior, Małgorzata Radomska, Izabela Kolbusz, Magdalena Klimkowicz, Dominika Materna, Katarzyna Drozd, Liliana Piskorska, Martyna Tokarska, Natalia Nadrowska, Dominika Martuś, Elżbieta Sala (MOCAK)