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//Direction: Art!//

Direction: Art!

Good Practice in Cultural Education

MOCAK the Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow would like to invite all those in charge of projects aiming to enhance an interest in art to participate in a conference on contemporary cultural education oriented towards art. The conference aims to enable the exchange of experience between cultural centres, the promotion of good educational practice and the raising of social consciousness in relation to the importance of art education.

The conference will consist of three thematic blocks. Within each, we envisage four ten-minute speaker appearances, each on a specific educational project representing a valuable and inspiring example of contemporary art education.

1. The Art of Education
More and more frequently, contemporary educational projects are not lectures, but instead have become more creative and interactive. Within this block, there will be presented either projects realised by, or in close co-operation with, artists. We welcome presentations both from artists and educators.

2. Culture for All
Cultural institutions and organisations involved in the arts more and more often run projects addressed to very young children, in-patients of psychiatric hospitals, the sight-impaired, refugees, those with limited comprehension or those with limited resources. Within this block, there will be presented educational projects addressed to various socially excluded groups.

3. Above the Egalitarian-exclusive Division
Within this block, there will be presented social and artistic actions of an educational nature which have become the focus for large gatherings of those who don’t necessarily get passionate about art in their everyday life.

Participation in the conference is free. All who attend must register and the process of registration will start after the programme of the conference has been announced on the 10th April. Those who have not been registered as speakers have priority to enrol as members of the audience.

Places available for members of the audience: 120

To enrol, contact us no later than 5 April 2013 on: kierujemynasztuke@mocak.pl