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Curators' Network - Portfolio Review: artist selections

Published at:04.10.2012

Organised by the Foundation for Visual Arts, the fourth meeting of the Curators’ Network will take place at the MOCAK Museum of Contemporary Art in Kraków from December 4–8, 2012. The week-long Krakow gathering will provide a unique opportunity for 20 emergent artists, based in Poland, to introduce their work (and themselves) to curators from across Europe.

A portfolio review, a public exhibition showcasing the work of selected artists, and a publication profiling these artists will be anchored by a programme of discussion panels, round-table seminars, presentations, workshops, formal and informal dialogues, and more.

Artists will also be considered for inclusion in a Curators’ Network group exhibit, to be held in Madrid in June 2013; and will have their profiles and portfolios archived within the Network’s online database (a sort of ever-expanding digital Rolodex, cross-referencing Network partners and participants
over time).

An open call for artists began on September 17, 2012 and will continue through October 14. For more information on the application process, and for programme updates between now and December, please visit our Curators’ Network web page. (Note that terms, regulations, and the application form are in Polish).

The Foundation for Visual Arts is a co-founding member of the Curators’ Network, a pan-European confederacy of curators and cultural managers representing five non-profit European arts organisations: Hablar en Arte (Spain), the Studio of Young Artists Association
(Hungary), the Brukenthal National Museum (Romania), the Kunsthalle Exnergasse (Austria), and the Foundation itself.

The Network’s dovetailing objectives are to promote cross-cultural cooperation between European arts organisations, while simultaneously offering young artists in these organisations’ home countries a platform for presenting their work abroad.
Individual Network curators and cultural managers, well-versed in their respective local art scenes, are able to jointly circumvent parochialism by meeting in base cities throughout the year to share ideas and influences, and to brainstorm long-term collaborative possibilities; and, each time around, this exchange takes place within the brick-and-mortar context of a specific city and cultural scene. The first Curators’ Network meeting was held in Madrid in November 2011; the second meeting was held in Sibiu, Romania this past June; a third meeting is scheduled for Budapest in October; and then, from December 4-8, the Foundation will welcome its partner institutions to Krakow for a week’s worth of all of the above.

(A fifth meeting, to be held in Vienna next February, will precede the aforementioned Madrid group exhibit next summer.)

More information about the Curator’s Network and its constituent culture organisations is available on the Network’s website. This video also serves as a whimsically illustrative introduction to the Network and its overarching philosophy.

The selection process has started to find artists for Portfolio Review, which will take place during the December meeting of the Curators’ Network at MOCAK.

What is Curators' Network?