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Curator-guided tour of Erwin Wurm exhibition Good Boy and a screening of a film about the artist

12.01.2014 at 12 noon

Published at:19.12.2013

On Sunday 12 January 2014, at 12 noon we would like to invite you to a curator-guided tour of Erwin Wurm exhibition Good Boy. The participants will also be shown a film by Laurin Merz Erwin Wurm: The Artist Who Swallowed the World.

What interests Wurm is mundane daily life, which, however, he treats in a contrary way. The trademarks of the Austrian artists are absurdity, surprises, a sense of humour, ephemerality and attempts to encourage the viewers to abandon their routine ways of thinking.

Erwin Wurm. The Artist Who Swallowed the World

Director: Laurin Merz
Produced: 2012
Captions: Polish and English
Duration: 52 min

The director accompanies Erwin Wurm during his exhibitions that take place in various cities all over the world. The artist explains his way of looking at art and he also reveals some personal, family experiences. The film provides an opportunity to observe Erwin Wurm at work and grasp his various personal characteristics which can be only obliquely guessed at from the artist’s individual works.

On Sunday 12 January, MOCAK will join in to help get donations on behalf of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. On the day, entry to all exhibitions and events is free. No need to pre-book.