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//Culture and Development// - a lecture by Prof. Jerzy Hausner

Culture and Development - a lecture by Prof. Jerzy Hausner

17.06.2013 at 18

Published at:10.06.2013

Culture and Development - a series of lectures as part of an educational programme part-financed by the National Bank of Poland

The prominent economist Professor  Jerzy Hausner, a minister in the Government of Leszek Miller and Marek Belka and a member of the Council of Monetary Policy, will give the opening lecture. He will talk about the source of the present crisis, its dynamics and structure, reflecting on whether there is just one crisis or whether there are many, such as crises of ecology, raw materials and energy, trade and state. Professor Hausner will draw attention to the need for radical change and look for a body capable of implementing it. He will also discuss culture as the perspective for development that ought to be adopted by individuals and the whole of society. He will emphasise the need for the subjectivisation of societies and the release of creativity.

You are welcome to attend on Monday 17 June 2013, 6 pm.

Free entry.

Recording of the lecture in Polish