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//Crazy Gloves//

Crazy Gloves

At MOCAK, school Holiday finished with the workshop Crazy Gloves which saw our common-or-garden hand warmers embark on a new lease of life as works of art! The session took place on the Thursday 23 February 2012.

It kicked off with the tour of the exhibition Urban Legends, during which the participants were introduced to the stories about people, places and objects created by contemporary artists. Next, in the MOCAK Cafe the youngsters let their imagination roam to produce a biography for the gloves which they had been allocated by drawing lots during their visit to the exhibition. Each glove was unique, each had its own tale.

The climax of the workshop was the creative blast to make over the gloves with the help of various materials and techniques. Then, the participants dropped the resultant works of art all over the city – thereby giving grounds to a new urban legend...

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