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Competition to design an ident for MOCAK

Published at:01.01.2011



I. The object and terms of the competition

1. The Museum of Contemporary Art in Kraków (MOCAK) is the Organiser of the Competition. All queries regarding the competition should be addressed to: 

MOCAK – Muzeum Sztuki Współczesnej
Biuro organizacyjne
ul. Rzeźnicza 2A
31-540 Kraków

tel. +48 12 350 12 76

email: mocak[at]
In the subject line please put: Film ident competition.

2. The object of the Competition is to create film ident for MOCAK, which will be used in all official activities of the Museum.
3. The ident should have two versions: a short version, no more than 10 seconds long, and a full version of 30 – 60 seconds duration.
4. The ident may be produced using any technique.
5. The design used must contain the Museum’s name and logo.
6. The ident need to contain both the full and the abbreviated version of the Museum’s name.
7. The competition is open to all.
8. Submissions may be made by individuals or teams.
9. Participation in the Competition indicates acceptance of its rules.
10. The submissions must be sent by registered post or by courier or delivered personally so as to arrive at the Museum’s office by the 31st March 2011. The submissions must be made in a format generally accessible using standard media.
11. The cost of submitting the design to the competition will be covered by the author of the submission.
12. The submitted design must be marked with a code name and accompanied by a sealed envelope with the same code name written on it, inside which there will be the full contact details of the author: first name, surname, telephone number, email address and full correspondence address with the post code/zip code.
13. There is no limit to the number of designs submitted by any one participant, as long as each one is designated with a different code name. The envelopes with the code names will be opened during the Jury’s deliberations.
14. The submitted designs will not be returned to participants.

II. The Jury and the selection criteria

1. The Jury will have 3 – 5 members and it will be appointed by the Organiser of the Competition.
2. The Jury members will be appointed from amongst the Organiser’s own representatives as well as experts or representatives of artistic communities.
3. The Jury will make selections of the designs to be awarded by a two-stage process. In the first stage, from all the designs submitted, the Jury will select all those which are eligible on the basis of  fulfilling the conditions specified under points I.3 and I.4 of the present Rules. In the second stage, the Jury will select the designs which merit an award.
4. The Jury will make two Awards:

1st Award – 4 000 PLN gross (four thousand Polish zloty)
2nd Award – 2 000 PLN gross (two thousand Polish zloty)


Depending on the number and quality of submitted entries, the Jury has discretion to grant any number of additional Awards.

5. The Jury will make a record of the process of granting the Awards.
6. The Jury’s decision is final.
7. The Organiser has the right to terminate the competition without granting any Awards.
8. The author/s of the design granted the 1st Award will enter an agreement with the Organiser that transfers to the Organiser all rights to the work submitted as well as the ownership rights to the copy/copies of the work submitted as part of the competition and will transfer to the Organiser all rights to exercise any personal rights to the work submitted.
9. The Organiser is not obliged to use the work submitted for the Competition even after entering with the participant into the agreement referred to in point 8 above.
10. The Organiser has the right to enter into additional agreements with other participants in the competition.
11. The Organiser has the right to decide on the choice of soundtracks to accompany the awarded designs, after consultations with the author/s of the design.
12. The results of the Competition are scheduled to be announced on the 11th April 2011.
13. The results of the Competition will be announced on the Organiser’s web page. The winners will be informed individually.

III. Final decisions

1. The Organiser has the right to terminate or cancel the Competition due to compelling circumstances. The Organiser is not liable for faulty post or courier services.