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Competition for a film report of the exhibition //Crime in Art//

Competition for a film report of the exhibition Crime in Art

Published at:13.05.2014

Attention! The deadline for submissions has been extended to 20th June 2014.

Competition Task

The task of the participants in the competition is to produce a film report of the exhibition Crime in Art. The completed work should present attractively the exhibition, the exhibition space and the individual works. The film should have the character of a guide to the exhibition encouraging web surfers to visit MOCAK. The recording may be produced using a technique of the author’s choice. The duration of the film should not exceed 5 minutes.

Assessment Criteria

  • Educational value – the presentation of the works and the contexts in which were created by the artists with references to other cultural areas
  • Formal attractiveness – accessible language, a light-hearted tone, with humorous elements
  • Suitability of the film for the target audience (Internet users aged 20–35, resident in big cities, interested in contemporary culture)

Who is the competition for?

The competition is aimed both at individuals and film groups.


Main prize awarded by MOCAK 3,000 zł*
Prize awarded by Internet users 1,000 zł*

How can you take part in the competition?

Shoot your report, send it over the Internet to your account:

FTP: q.mocak.pl
login: konkurs
password: konkurs

either deliver it personally to the MOCAK or send by mail to:

Muzeum Sztuki Współczesnej w Krakowie MOCAK
ul. Lipowa 4
30-702 Kraków

Deadline: 20 June 2014

The Museum will make a selection from the material sent in and publish selected works online on: 26 June

Jury will sit on: 26 June – 6 July

Online voting: 26 June – 6 July

Results will be announced on: 7 July

Technical requirements

File size: not larger than 2 GB

HD resolution, minimum bit rate: 1 000 bps

Acceptable media: CD or DVD


On 15 May 2014 at 6 pm there will be an opening with the participation of the artists and curators. Competitors will have an opportunity to conduct interviews, but they have to let the Museum know beforehand of their intention to do so.

On 16 May 2014 between 7 pm and midnight Night at the Museums will take place. It will provide a very good opportunity to film the large audience visiting the Museum.

To make arrangements, please contact: Ewelina Czechowicz, czechowicz@mocak.pl, tel. +48 12 263 40 20; Paweł Polak, polak@mocak.pl, tel. + 48 12 263 40 24

*gross value when signing a contract specified in the Competition Rules