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//Collect Your Memories//

Collect Your Memories

As part of this year’s Summer at MOCAK, on 9 August 2013 a creative workshop took place entitled Collect Your Memories. During the session the children had an opportunity to familiarise themselves with the new edition of the MOCAK Collection and record their memories of their visit to the Museum through creating a series of postcards, which they sent off to people of their choice at the end of the workshop.

Having viewed the works of the artists Piotr Lutyński, Koji Kamoji and Edward Dwurnik, the participants discovered how contemporary artists record their memories and share them with their audiences. The children reflected on each work, probing the associations brought by their form and content. The materials used by Piotr Lutyński bring nature to mind, those used by Koji Kamoji – a beach or a Zen garden, while the painting by Edward Dwurnik makes one’s thoughts turn to a city. Inspired by each work, the children recorded their own memories, using collage, drawing and painting.