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//Closer to Kobierzyn// – lecture by Professor Bogdan de Barbaro

Closer to Kobierzyn – lecture by Professor Bogdan de Barbaro

23.03.2015 at 6.30 pm

Published at:12.03.2015

On Monday 23 March at 6.30 pm come to the lecture by Prof. Bogdan de Barbaro that will inaugurate the project Closer to Kobierzyn of the Cultural Archipelagos Foundation. The lecture will be delivered in Polish.

The project aims to view the theme of mental illness from the cultural and social perspective. The lecture will look closely at how mental illness arises and at the stigmatisation of people diagnosed with a mental illness.

On Monday, the exhibitions are closed to visitors. On 23 March, MOCAK will be open only to those attending the lecture, which will take place in the audiovisual hall.

The project is part of the programme Citizens for Democracy, founded by EEA Grants. The Partners of the project are Dr J. Babiński Specialist Hospital in Krakow and the Revita Kraków-Kobierzyn Foundation.