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Children’s Museum

Children’s Museum

The aim of the Children’s Museum project is to develop the children’s ability to become active participants in the world of art. We believe that we can promote such an attitude by teaching children how to relate to art, shaping their need to create, showing them various artistic techniques and helping them understand the mechanisms that govern the world of art, thanks to meetings with various people that are responsible for the way in which it functions.

The project is composed of several complementary, intertwined parts. In the first one, we let the children get acquainted with works of art – not only in terms their visual aspect and the history of their creation, but also what they are made of and how to take care of them (meetings with a contemporary art conservator). The second part of the project enables children to talk with direct founders of the world of art, i.e. artists themselves. The aim of the third part, closely linked to the previous section, is to develop the children’s ability to create their own artworks.

During meetings and workshops with artists, instructors or contemporary art educators, children may prepare their own, original pieces. The fourth section of the project encompasses events that enable children to step into the shoes of other active participants of the world of art: curators, collectors, art critics. In the fifth part, we tell children how contemporary artistic institutions operate.

One of the events organised within this project was a cycle of workshops led by a conservator and classes devoted to art collections, which let children assume the roles of art collectors and purchase their own works of art with MOCAK currency. So far, we have been able to organise a series of workshops with artists and museum employees: exhibition co-ordinators and curators, Monika Koziol and Katarzyna Was; collection and inventory department: Anna Sulich-Liga, Iwona Wojnarowicz and Katarzyna Wincenciak. In the future, we are planning to hold a series of meetings, during which the children will be able to talk to the directors of the museum, its press officer and promotion department, critics, curators and art collectors.

Elżbieta Sala, sala@mocak.pl
Maria Wegenke, wegenke@mocak.pl



Each year, come July and August, the Museum organises a series of free-of-charge workshops for the children spending their summer holidays in the city. The creative, interactive sessions aim to provide active leisure time. During the workshops, the children will familiarise themselves with contemporary art and create their own art works; they will encounter artists, curators, the Museum’s staff and will be able to reflect on urban space and transform it in surprising ways. The project is part of Krakow’s action Summer in the City.

Playing with Books is an interdisciplinary project addressed to children, which comprises a series of workshops combining literature and art. At the heart of the activities will be books for the youngest audiences. The children will have an opportunity to hear interesting stories and see quality illustrations. The accompanying art workshop, focused on the themes of the presented books and the illustration techniques used, will enrich the offer. The most important objective is to encourage active participation in culture, visiting the Museum and reading every day amongst the target age group. The sessions will help develop the imagination and art ability of the participants.

Children’s encounters with artists are a prominent educational activity undertaken by the Museum. During the workshops in which artists take part, the youngsters have an opportunity to find out about the work of a particular artist as well as appreciate it in the context of other works presented at the Museum. The children are also able to produce their own works under the guidance of the artist.

While visiting the exhibitions, the young art aficionados have a chance to get to know contemporary art, presented in an age-group specific format. The guided tours are usually structured as workshops that engage children in hands-on creative activities that enhance their understanding of the works of art being discussed.