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Between Image and Word

Between Image and Word

We began the new year with an educational project Between Image and Word, organised in collaboration with the Children’s University. The project consisted of 12 art-cum-education workshops, which took place in the Museum’s exhibition space, the MOCAK Reading Room and Professor Porębski’s Library.

The workshops were full of adventures. Inspired by the sketches of Mieczysław Porębski’s multi-dimensional cuboids, the children painted their thoughts on colour sheets. After each workshop, a colourful square was extended by children’s new sketches of their thoughts. Finally, a work of art was created which represented the many ideas about what colour, shape and size a thought can have.

The corollary of each session was a collective viewing of Maria Michałowska’s work 7 Pages from a Diary, each child leaving his or her signature on the purpose-created ‘diary pages’.

Thanks to the project, MOCAK was visited by some 250 young art lovers.